Sirio 2.0.3 API

General framework for state space exploration.
Provides classes for the representation of state spaces.
Provides logging and monitoring utilities.
Enumeration policies for state space exploration.
Generic state representation.
Stop conditions for state space exploration.
Parsing of input formulas.
Provides classes for AST representation.
Provides exceptions used by the parsing API.
Parsing of input strings.
AST visitors.
Provides classes for the encoding and manipulation of PDFs.
PDF supports.
Expolynomial densities.
PDF densities.
Provides classes for the analysis of different models.
Analysis of GSPNs.
Analysis of Markov chains.
Reachability analysis in GSPNs.
Analysis of Petri nets.
Analysis of STPNs.
Analysis of MRPs under enabling restriction.
Steady-state analysis of MRPs.
Transient analysis of MRPs and GSMPs.
Calculus of stochastic state classes.
Analysis of TPNs.
Petri net representation.
Simulator framework.
Simulation rewards.
Random variable samplers.
Provides classes for the simulation of STPNs.
Utility classes.