The Sirio Library

Sirio is an open-source library of reusable components for the analysis of TPN and STPN models. It provides the analysis functions of ORIS through a flexible Java API and allows the user to conduct parametric studies, by building and analyzing a model for a multitude of parameters, such as different PDFs of timed events (e.g., times to failure, times to repair) or different discrete distributions of immediate choices (e.g., probability of message losses).

  • To include Sirio in your Java project, check the instructions on its GitHub repository.
  • To quickly get started with Sirio, you can import a ready-to-use Maven project into your Eclipse workspace. The project includes Sirio as a dependency and provides an example of how to create an STPN and compute its transient probabilities.
  • To learn more about the analysis functions available in Sirio, you can read the project wiki.
  • To learn more about the API, you can consult the online Sirio Javadoc.

If you encounter a problem with Sirio, write to us. We also keep track of open issues and improvement proposals on our issue tracker.

Sirio is released under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.